Wing&Son Piano Before Restoration  
Pedals and Trapwork Before Restoration  
Restringing and Action Restoration  

Wing&Son Piano After Restoration

This is a Wing&Son piano built in 1900. These pianos were quite expensive for the times, about $750 then. They were mail-ordered throughout the U.S. It was restored in 2004 by Dave after it made its way back across the country from California and was purchased by Dave from another piano technician.

It is a BIG upright piano, constructed quite well, and it had survived the years in rebuildable condition. It was restrung, received new hammers, dampers, and numerous repairs. Its original soundboard and pinblock were in great shape and did not need to be repaired or replaced. This piano has a full, resonant tone, like that of a high quality 6' grand piano. Its case is oiled tiger-stripe mahogany. It currently resides in Florida in the home of a family friend.